Since not everyone has the disposable income to purchase all the different types of shoes that could fitly correspond to the demand that it asked for. I think it would be reasonable to know how to keep the few ones that we have, to keep them clean let alone what product to use on these finishes so as to prolong the use of our overburdened footwear.  Leather shoes is perhaps a common type of shoes that a lot of people own.  It is from animal skin that leather shoes are made from.  Leather finishes come in different types; one which is vegetable dyed and the other which is tanned leather and these are the two most common types of leather.  If you are using tanned leather, this type of materials finish uses many different chemicals and coloring for the desired finish and the best type of cleaner for this type of leather is a shoe cleaning cleaner which removes dirt while restoring the natural shine of the oil.  Foam cleaners or liquid cleaners will stain the shoe permanently.  Therefore it is not enough to combat dirt on leather after every wear by using a dry cloth to wipe off as much dirt and debris, using the right kind of cleaner is also very important. 

If your shoes is made of canvas, then you don't remove the dirt right after using your shoes, but you need to wait for the shoes to get dry before trying to clean them.  It is the same with suede which must be dried first before cleaning.  A mark made by scraping or grazing is a nightmare with Suede and if not handled properly can be disastrous. 

Although rubber is an easy material to clean since it is made of durable texture, you should be careful in using strong solvents, so you should also be careful in choosing a cleaning agent for this.  Another one easy material to clean is the Mesh.  With mesh shoes, there is another material that surrounds it.  In cleaning this type of shoe, you should clean the mesh last because it is easy to clean, so the other type of material should be cleaned first before the mesh. For more info about shoe cleaners, visit 

So when cleaning your shoes it really boils down to determining the right method in cleaning the material your shoe is made of and understanding what type of leather seat cleaner and protector to use. 


Here is an important tip when using cedar shoe trees for leather and other shoe finishes.  We don't normally think that our feet produces at least  1/4  cup of moisture and up to  1/2  cup when active, but it does.  If you wear your shoes the whole day, then all this moisture will tend to disfigure its structure, and with shoe trees, its natural structure will be reawakened when unused and allowed to dry.